How to Create Your Very Own Online Course Portal & Sales Funnel

Even if you aren’t tech savvy at all.

Conquer the Technology

Learn a new skill set by discovering WordPress, Learn Dash and Cart Flows so you never have to rely on a tech person again.

Save Money

Don't pay for features in overpriced platforms that you won't need or use. Build only what you need when you need it.

Get Support

Work along side other like-minded women and get your questions answered by a professional female tech educator

Hi Lady Course Creators, Have you created material for a digital course but not sure how to bring it online and sell it?

We know technology can be overwhelming especially when it comes to establishing an online presence and sales system for your digital course.  That’s why we’ve created this masterclass just for us women where we will go over how to set up and market your online course even if you aren’t tech savvy at all.  

This beginner workshop will guide you step-by-step on how to get your awesome course material online so that you can deliver it to your awaiting audience. 

No more getting frustrated by the technology needed to launch your course successfully and no more relying on tech people help you.  You can do this! 



How to Build Your Own Course Portal & Sales Funnel

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Throughout the masterclass you will learn how to gather your well thought out course material into a course portal.  You will also learn how to build and design your website and finally we will create your sales funnel so that you can have a well-oiled sales machine for your course.   So what are you waiting for?  Enroll today.


Gather your course materials including videos and any downloadable files.


Design and build your website and course portal.

Crush it.

Build your sales funnel including your sales page and checkout page.

Susie Starkman - Founder, Lady Course Creators

About Your Instructor

Hi Ladies!  I’m Susie and I’ve been in the tech industry for over15 years focusing on websites and iOS app development.  

I’ve launched several successful online courses teaching technology even garnering the attention of Google who reached out to me and asked me to interview with them.  (True story:  I did the phone interview with Google in my pajamas!)

I also teach adults and children how to code as well as to build websites using WordPress.  

My passion for teaching people how to code has resulted in over 7500 subscribers to my YouTube Channel called The Code Lady. 

So don’t let your confusion over technology get in the way of launching your course successfully.  Join me as I show you the exact steps on how to set your course portal and sales funnel.

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